Alisa is a dedicated professional with a sincere passion for making a positive impact on people's lives. Her journey of compassion and care began in the healthcare sector, where she witnessed the unfortunate toll preventable diseases were taking on individuals' quality of life. This realization propelled her to seek avenues to empower her community against preventable diseases. In 2004, Alisa embarked on a transformative path in the realm of natural health, specializing in holistic health and nutrition.

Within a couple years of intensive study and hands-on experience within the natural health domain, Alisa officially established her health and wellness enterprise in 2006. Over time, her endeavour has blossomed into an esteemed nutrition company that has touched the lives of countless individuals across Canada and beyond.

Alisa's expertise has garnered widespread recognition, earning her numerous accolades and honours. Among her notable achievements are multiple distinguished titles such as the coveted Best Nutritionist in Canada, conferred by the National Nutrition committee 2019. Alisa's impact extends to education as well; she takes pride in her role as a prominent educator at the prestigious Edison Institute of Nutrition. Here, she not only imparts her wisdom in holistic cancer certification but also leads the business program, nurturing aspiring professionals. 

As a seasoned speaker in the fields of health and wellness, Alisa's insightful presentations resonate deeply. Her ability to captivate audiences led to her being awarded the Presenter of the Year by Canfit Pro in 2023. Moreover, Alisa extends her expertise to corporate and community spheres, designing and implementing wellness programs. She has also been instrumental in promoting wellness within government and Indigenous communities.

Alisa's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her remarkable drive. She has successfully nurtured two thriving nutrition businesses, both starting from scratch. Her consultancy serves a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals seeking personal wellness to communities and corporations aiming for collective well-being. Alisa's dynamic role as a keynote speaker further enriches her portfolio, covering themes of health, wellness, and building impactful businesses.

In 2012, Alisa ventured into the realm of whole food supplements, enhancing her capacity to guide even more individuals toward wholesome living. Her supplement line not only supports healthy lifestyles but also empowers fellow wellness enthusiasts to establish impactful ventures. Her leadership within her chosen field is further evident in her status as a leading representative in Canada.

Central to Alisa's professional ethos is the belief that meaningful work centered on others' betterment paves the way for a fulfilling career. Her journey exemplifies the harmony between success and positively transforming the world around us.