Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of the information out there on healthy living? Me too!! Even as a Nutritionist it’s hard to navigate all of the different methods of health promotion!

Want to know my secret to deciphering through it all? I look for the science!  Everything you do has a biochemical reaction in your body. I look for the human science that helps weed out the fads, and leaves us with the truth!  It’s my job to carefully guide my clients through the overwhelming amount of information and help you find solutions that work for your health goals and your body!

I look for things like:

  • Is there Actual human science that backs this up?
  • Does it offer long-term health benefits?
  • Is it a realistic part of a long-term healthy lifestyle?

With so much information on healthy living, let me help you find the right solutions for your body and your goals!

Let me tell you a little more about me.........

I have been passionately learning about health and wellness since 2002. I started out in the healthcare industry and felt incredibly overwhelmed, and frankly frustrated by the number of people I was working with whom were suffering from preventable conditions.  Heart attacks, strokes, limb loss due to unmanaged diabetes, and even cancers were everywhere!! When I asked these people who were helping them prevent these life altering conditions, I was met with blank stares!! There was little to no preventative education.  There was just a whole lot of sick care treatment.

I became determined to learn everything I could about nutrition and give people real life information that could lead to real life changes! I have been living that mission since 2004.


As a busy mom of 4 children I understand the struggles of a busy family. I aim to help families navigate the information overload, and offer realistic solutions you can live with!


  • 17 years researching and teaching nutrition.
  • 14 years specializing in nutritional protocols for those with cancer.
  • 15 Years experience running corporate wellness programs for large employers, townships and communities.
  • Government contracts with Ontario Works and First Nations.
  • 10 Years teaching Post secondary level nutrition, health, and business courses. Currently teaching the Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner Course and Business of Wellness Consulting course at Edison Institute of Nutrition.
  • Internationally sought out speaker on health and nutrition.
  • Main stage trainer at an International Health Product Conference. 
  • I have also been voted Best Nutritionist multiple times in my home community and country.
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