Welcome to the Business of Wellness Consulting Course.

This program is currently only available through Edison Institute of Nutrition. As the Instructor I am happy to answer any questions you have and help you get in contact with the school to get on the wait list for the next session.

This program will help you create your own Business Plan.

It is the first, yet essential, step in building, or recreating, a successful wellness practice. It is your business blueprint that will help you design content for your clients, establish proper pricing, and build marketing strategies. This plan will be easy to update annually as your business direction changes and serves as your roadmap to success.


The Course Modules focus on: 

  1. Identifying who your clients are
  2. Creating programs and pricing
  3. Communication and Marketing
  4. Developing a Game Plan for Growth
  5. Running group/corporate programs
  6. Creating your business plan


 Bonus Classes Included:

 - Creating one on one consultations

 - Creating group programs 

 - Setting up automated emails

- Building a Lead Magnet

- Using Facebook to build your clientele


Live Interactive Classes:

There are 3 live classes included with the Business of Wellness Consulting Program. These classes allow for live interaction and Q&A periods. The classes cover additional topics that can aid a student in building a more successful wellness business.

These classes repeat with each launch of BWCC with opportunities for business students to re-attend to gain more take-aways and ask new questions. Classes are recorded and each recording is hosted for 10 business days.

Non - BWCC students may purchase access to one of the live classes for $39. There is no charge for BWCC students. Live classes are 60-90 minutes.


  1. Email Marketing - How to build and retain and audience with email


  1. Products and Services - Creating multiple revenue streams in your business


  1. Programs and Services - 7 different ways to run programs in your business



Students who are actively working through program materials can book Mentorship calls. These are 30 minute one on one sessions that offer coaching to help the student gain additional clarity and a clear game plan for their business. Mentorship calls are only included in the first 90 days of your business program. 

Module materials must be completed in order to schedule a Mentorship call. Mentorship calls are only available for the first 3 months from the date of purchase of BWCC.

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Meet Your Instructor:

Alisa Herriman has been in the health and wellness field since 2002, with a specialized focus in Nutrition since 2004. In that time Alisa experienced the challenges of starting her own nutrition business. She struggled at first with attracting new clients, knowing what programs and pricing to offer them, and learning how to market herself. Alisa became an eager business student herself and learned what it takes to grow a successful and stable income with her nutrition practice. The Business of Wellness Consulting is the accumulation of this knowledge with the added benefit of actionable steps to help her students create a real-life game plan.

Alisa has grown a very successful nutrition company that experiences increased earnings year upon year. She has taught many post-secondary nutrition and wellness courses including the Certified Cancer Practitioner Program, available at Edison Institute of Nutrition. She teaches nutrition programs for Doula Canada and has been a highly sought out speaker on nutrition and wellness across Canada. Alisa has multiple revenue streams in her business and will teach her students how they can accomplish this in their wellness businesses as well. 

The Business of Wellness Consulting Course takes focus and hard work because a thriving business requires those as well. If you are ready to have a successful launch or simply wish to rebrand and plan for a more prosperous future in the wellness industry, this is the course you have been seeking to discover.