Healthy Eating Made Simple Masterclass

Join award winning Nutritionist Alisa Herriman and she teaches you simple strategies for Healthy Living.

Join me to learn my tips for 

Healthy Eating Made Simple!


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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


How to overcome the biggest struggles busy moms have with healthy eating.

Working moms are busy, and it can be super challenging to get enough of the right foods into your body, let alone your family! I have some simple strategies for the most common reasons busy moms struggle with healthy eating!


3 of the most common nutrition myths you want to avoid!

One of the biggest challenges with busy women face is weeding through all of the information out there on healthy eating. There is a ton of mis-information and I will help you bust the 3 biggest myths to help you gain clarity on the right choices for you and your family!


How I am going to help you learn everything you need to know about healthy eating in just 5 weeks!

I have put something very special together for you that launches soon and I want you to be the first to learn about it!! I have taken 16 years of teaching nutrition and combined it into a mom friendly nutrition course to help you gain knowledge and confidence when it comes to nutrition for you and your family!

I know you want to live in the healthiest body possible!

As a working mom of 4 I know the real life struggles busy moms face when it comes to eating healthy, consistently! I have been working with exhausted, burnt out moms who end up super frustrated with how they look a feel for more than 15 years!

Listen I promise to make really great use of our time together and cut through all noise and get right to the facts! Nutrition is complicated but it doesn't have to be! 

I am going to share some great insight with you on this masterclass! 

I am then going to show you a new 5-week nutrition course I developed just for you, the busy mom who wants to up your nutrition game without over complicating it!

Join me to learn my tips for Healthy Eating Made Simple!

A Note From Instructor...

I understand the challenges busy moms face!

Busy and exhausted moms have always made up the majority of my nutrition practice.

In this masterclass I will help you uncover the top 3 myths most individuals navigate when it comes to healthy eating. I am also going to share with you some very useable tips you can incorporate right after you are done watching!