Understanding Your Unique Nutrition Profile Helps You Customize Your Approach.

Working with an expert gives you the results you want!

Alisa Herriman has been teaching nutrition for more than 17 years. She has a background in health care and has spent more than 14 years specializing her skill set around nutrition for those with cancer. Alisa teaches the Certified Holistic Cancer Program at the prestigious Edison Institute of Nutrition, as well as the Nutrition program for Doula Canada. Alisa is currently on the Advisory Panel for Canfit Pro. Alisa is a sought out expert on Nutrition and has been voted Best Nutritionist 7x in her career including Best Nutritionist in Canada by National Nutrition.

Your Nutribody Assessment gives you a clear understanding of your unique nutrition needs based on nutritional symptomatology. Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances have symptoms and an experienced practitioner like Alisa, has the skills to understand your results and help you create a nutritional game plan to make improvements. 


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