Hello my friend,

I am so excited you are ready to get started with a customized nutrition plan! I have been teaching Nutrition for 17 years and helping a new client get started with their customized nutrition plan one of the favourite things I get to do!

I bring a lot of experience to our time together. I have been voted Best Nutritionist more than 7 times! I teach high level nutrition and two post secondary schools and am blessed to be able to speak all over Canada. I work with everything from improving diet, to cancer, fertility, pregnancy, digestive issues and auto-immune conditions. You have found the right place and the right support. This is our first step together.

Your Nutritional Assessment

Your personal NA allows us to build a profile of you and create a full set of customized recommendations. It includes 3 appointments. The first appointment is to go through the online health history for you filled in prior to the first call. This allows us to ensure we have a comprehensive profile of you and your goals.  The second appointment allows us to go through the recommendations together.  The third appointment is to help you come up with a plan to start implementing the recommendations into your life.

Your recommendations include:

- Dietary changes

- Supplements that fit your profile

- Lifestyle recommendations.

All of which are geared towards helping you build health and reach your personal health goals.


What's Included Summary

Personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations plus 3 appointments which include:

  • Health history and intake
  • 60 minute call to go through recommendations
  • Follow-up consultation to help with implementation 

Your Nutritional Assessment and appointments are completed by a trained Nutritionist on my team. I personally oversee every file and set of recommendations. Essentially, every Nutritional Assessment is prepared by two Nutritionists. This ensures you receive the best possible recommendations and support.


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Get Extra Support

Book 4 additional follow-up appointments on top of the 3 that come with the Nutritional Assessment!!

After you purchase your Nutritional Assessment, you will have the option to add 4 additional follow-up appointments for only $375!!  (Regularly $420 but you save $45 by purchasing at the same time you purchase your Assessment)

 Nutritionist on my team.

Niki Gardy is a Nutritionist with Nutrinity Health Services.

Niki takes care of most of our Nutritional Assessment clients. She is an expert in helping clients plan for healthy meals and snacks and knows how to break down your dietary and lifestyle changes into simple steps, making it easy for you to get great results quickly!

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Looking to work Directly with Alisa Herriman?

Alisa is very limited in the number of new clients she can accept. Nutrinity Health Services offers affordable nutrition support through a team of Nutritionists who are all overseen by Alisa herself. 

For those of you who have made the decision that you wish to work directly with Alisa, you can gain access below.

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