Exhausted to Energized

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Helping Busy Moms Navigate Healthy Eating.


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If you’re a....

1) Busy mom who wants to feel better and have more energy....

2) Ready to feel empowered and knowledgable when it comes to your personal nutrition and the nutrition for your family.

Then you my friend are in the right place! 

Did You Know I Created a Nutrition Program Just For You?


Here is what I have included in this program.....


  • Significant Nutritional Knowledge!

    I have condensed more than 15 years of teaching nutrition into a course specifically for busy moms! 
  • Understanding of What a Balanced Diet Really Is.

    You are going to finish this course knowing exactly what foods you should be feeding your body and your family!
  • Mad Meal Planning Skills!

    After I teach the basics of healthy nutrition for you and your family, I am going to show you how to meal plan in just a few minutes every week!
  • Skills To Overcome Picky Eating!

    If you struggle with picky eaters at home, I am going to show you how to celebrate the wins and improve the daily nutrition of the picky eaters in your home.
  • Clarity Around What Health Products Your Family Should be Using Or Avoiding.

    I understand many people are looking for quick fixes, that is what makes the health supplement industry so profitable. I am going to show you how to navigate health products for your family.
  • Two Live Classes to deepen understanding.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need”. – Ayurvedic Proverb

What’s Inside My Course For Busy Families


Module 1

Lifestyle Matters

In this module I am going to show you what programs focus on building a healthier you! I will show you how to navigate the nutrition programs available so that you can decipher fad from fact!

Module 2

The Balanced Diet

In this module we will uncover what a truly balanced diet looks like ad how to step away from processed foods and incorporate more whole foods into your diet.

Module 3

Meal Planning

 In this module we are going to explore the tools of healthy meal planning. There are several great tools to simplify meal planning for you and your family


Module 4

Family Nutrition

 In this module we are going to dive deep into healthy eating strategies including a look at picky eating, nutrition and behaviour and how to choose the right supplements for your family.

We Launch Again Spring 2021!

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Exhausted to Energized

  • 4 Modules

    Each Module Containing 3 Lessons and Downloadable Tools.

  • You will learn the basics of good nutrition.

    So that you can confidently make healthy choices now and in the future!
  • You Will Learn How to Master Meal Planning.

    So that you can eat more of the right foods, and feed your family a more nutrient dense diet to support overall health!
  • You Will understand When To Supplement And With What.

    Navigating nutrition and health supplements will be so much easier once you have completed this 4 week course!

I can’t wait for you to be in my next course launch!


I know you want to live in the healthiest body possible! 

I know you want to simplify feeding your family the right foods.

I Believe this course is exactly what you need to help you understand nutrition and to position yourself to make great choices for you and your family.

Busy moms are my #1 clients and I have developed this content just for you! I am going to teach you everything you need to know to eat better and live in a healthier body.

Alisa Herriman RNCP ROHP CHPC