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Clean Eating is the best way to create a lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing. 

It nourishes your body and makes you feel good about the decisions you make for your body on a daily basis. 

The problem is that the majority of people don’t know where to start with Clean Eating. That’s where I come in! 

Becoming a VIP customer means you are focusing on products and habits that better nourish your body.

What is a VIP Customer?

When you use my favourite whole food products you gain access to not only better nutrition for you and your family, but a VIP customer experience as well.

Let's start with the products.

Why I Choose Juice Plus as a Nutritionist (article)

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Benefits of using my favourite plant based products:

Clinical Research Results

VIP Customer Benefits

  • Premium quality clean, natural and proven products.

  •  Grow your own food with our Tower Gardens

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  •  4 Week Hormone and Weight Loss Program with 5 Session Heal your body course ($697 value)Text and Email Support

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Grow Your Own Food with a  Tower Garden

Hormones & Weight Loss + 5 Session Heal Your Body Course

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You will get a text that welcomes you as a customer and gives you instructions to gain access to your customer portal and the online programs.