Thank you so much for your interest in my nutritional services. I remember when I left my health care job to go full time into my practice, I dreamed of having a business where I was helping dozens of people. It is now currently my 17th year of helping people with their nutrition and I am so grateful to say that I have helped tens of thousands of people so far in my career.

You are receiving this message because I have had to adjust how I am able to offer nutrition services through my company. 

I am so grateful that the demand for my support is as high as it is. This means we are doing a great job of truly supporting people on their healthy living journey.

You can book your nutritional right now and get started with one of the Nutritionists on my team.

I wish to assure you, I oversee all nutrition client files to ensure you are getting the best care possible! I also have a few more options to help you get started on your healthy living journey.

If you are navigating a cancer diagnosis I want to assure you, you will be working with a Nutritionist on my team, who is personally mentored by me closely on all cases.

I do still take on a few private clients each month. The fee to work closely with myself is a bit more than the fee's associated with my company's current fee structure to work with one of the Nutritionists in my team. If you feel it is necessary to work directly with myself you can check out on the bottom of this page.

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Join One of My Online Nutrition Courses

If you are ready to learn how to eat well and support your body's natural ability to heal and detoxify you can also join one of my ready for you courses available on my website. 

The Exhausted to Energized course is a 6-week nutrition program that will teach you basics of good nutrition and provide you with skills and know how to implement a healthy diet and build a healthier lifestyle. 

Learn more here: 

The 6 Week Gut Fix is a program that will take you through the steps of building a healthy gut. This program includes 6 pre-taped nutrition and gut health classes, meal plans and weekly handouts. If you are looking to make improvements in gut health, this is you best place to get started.

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The 4-Week Adrenal Support Program focuses on nutrition and lifestyle strategies to support the body’s natural ability to heal from a high stress lifestyle. This program comes with a 21-day, clean eating meal plan that you will follow with the weekly lessons.

Link coming soon.

12-Week Nutrition Reset Program is a self-led comprehensive program. This program includes 2 coaching calls with a nutritionist on my team to help you with meal planning. This program includes the Exhausted to Energized Course, a Holistic Living Course and 12 weeks of meal plans!! 

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Please note all program purchases are non-refundable. 

I look forward to supporting you as you begin your healthy living journey with us! 

Wellness Products Option

You can get started today with my incredible whole food health line. This will give you immediate access to meal plans, a client support group on Facebook, weekly healthy living classes. I also offer FREE programs 4x a year for all of my customers. 

If you need help figuring out the right products for you can schedule a short call, or send me an email.

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Email for support: [email protected]
Product website: 

Please note you must be a personal customer of mine to gain access to these offerings.

Looking to work directly with Alisa Herriman?

Alisa is very limited in the number of new clients she can accept. Nutrinity Health Services offers affordable nutrition support through a team of Nutritionist who are all overseen by Alisa herself. 

For those of you who have made the decision that you wish to work directly with Alisa, you can gain access below.

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