Are Your Cravings the Result of Blood Sugar Instability?

Jul 03, 2021

Are your cravings a result of blood sugar instability?

If you are like the many of us busy humans, adulting in our fast paced, highly stressed environment. Living with little to no prioritizing of a healthy eating schedule….. All, while ingesting fast paced (processed) foods, you my friend may be riding the blood sugar rollercoaster, which could also be a significant contribution to your cravings for the wrong foods.

This ride of highs and lows in energy, moments of uncontrolled hunger, combined with a possibility of mood swings, often making those around you question your stability is usually the result of high and lows in blood sugar. The good news is, this is easily preventable with these 3 simple strategies:

1) Get on an eating schedule. In order to manage your blood sugar levels and frankly your sanity, you must find a routine in your daily eating patterns.

PRO TIP: Your eating schedule has to be the same day after day, especially when you are first establishing your healthy eating routine to stabilize blood sugar levels and energy throughout the day.

2) Eat REAL food!! Whole foods are a rich source of blood sugar stabilizing fibre. Whole foods also provide enormous amounts of nutrition (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) that your body needs to function optimally.

PRO TIP: Nutrient deficiencies do not occur because we don't take enough isolated vitamin and mineral formulas. They exist because we do not eat enough of the right whole foods!

3) Kick the refined sugar habit. This my friend, is the hardest of the three steps and I encourage you to start with steps 1 and 2 to lessen the blow of coming off the sugar crazy train.

PRO TIP: Never sugar detoxed before? You may be surprised how correct that last statement is! Once you are eating on a schedule and planning for more of the right foods, look at where refined sugar is still sneaking its way into your daily diet. This immune suppressing, candida feeding, bloat and inflammation causing fiend no longer has room in your healthy diet. Remember when you cut refined sugar you also cut the food supply of many unruly and unhealthy bacteria in your gut. Be prepared for a few days of intensified cravings.

If you have mastered steps 1 and 2 prior to step 3, you may find this last step is not as scary as you had anticipated.

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