Let's Talk Menu Board

Jul 03, 2021

This board is our secret weapon to planning our family’s menu every week! It helps us save money on groceries and allows us to have the right healthy foods in our home.


Our family menu board is usually a mix of plant based dinners with a few including animal protein each week. Our goal is to always focus on eating as much plants as we can!


This week's board is 100% plant based and focuses on clean, easy to digest foods. I am doing a digestive reset and eliminating dairy, gluten (for me), all processed foods, all refined sugar and all animal protein. It's been 3 days and I am already starting to notice some pretty big improvements in my digestive health!


Since I have been sharing my journey with you all, I thought you might like to see my menu this week. Breakfast is chia and oats, morning snack is Complete protein with water, lunch is dinner leftovers, afternoon snack is always fresh fruit, or veggies paired with nuts or seeds.


My dinners this week are:

Veggies Soup: (Monday) – all veggies in my fridge with veggie broth, and lots of seasoning and fresh herbs.

Buddha Bowls: (last night) – I included rice, black beans, lots of fresh veggies and homemade lemon dressing (I made it up with no idea of measurements in case you were about to ask lol)

Rice and Beans: (tonight) leftover rice and beans refried with lots of onions, peppers, cajun seasoning and topped with salsa, fresh greens from my tower. My kids will make this into burritos and they will likely add shredded cheese.

Broccoli and Rice Casserole: (Thursday) I may swap out rice for Quinoa in this recipe tomorrow as I used rice for the Buddha bowls and I had originally planned for Quinoa. I loosely follow the recipe for this from the Forks over knives cookbook (which everyone should own!)

Pad Thai: (Friday) rice noodles and veg with Pad Thai sauce.

Veggie Stew: Glorified veggie soup with bigger chunks of root veggies (some I will roast).

Black Bean Soup: Super easy and will try and find some gluten free bread or buns to go with this as garlic toast. Also planning a spinach and beet salad for Sunday as well.


You may notice there are a few soups this week and these are there for two reasons. One soups and stews are easiest to digest when doing a digestive reset. The second reason is I can use my crock pot for both Saturday and Sunday dinners freeing up our day for family time.

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