Here's A Tonic For You!

Sep 03, 2021

If you are an on-the-go type of person I know you are going to definitely appreciate this! I wanted to share with you one of my favourite tonics in the world for me and my family: The Golden Milk Tonic is a world-renowned beverage that is said to have amazing benefits for the immune system and it is loaded with antioxidants that fight off cell damage, which lower the risk of infection and disease.

Plus it’s super yummy. You’ve probably heard of Golden Milk before and you may have saved it on Pinterest for later - but now is a great time to try it.

Here’s the recipe straight from my 6 Week Gut Fix Program:

In this program I am giving away not just tonic recipes like this one that you can whip up in minutes, but I am also going to be giving you guys access to chef-approved meal recipes and guidance on how to heal your gut.

Stay tuned for more info on that program. But for now whip that yummy Golden Milk, snap a pic, share on IG like the best of them and tag me (

Yours in Good Health

Alisa Herriman RNCP ROHP CHCP

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